As part of The Great Discontent magazine's, The 100 Day Project, in which any activity the participants choose must be done every day for 100 days, Seville-based Estudio Estramuros (comprised of Spanish architects Fabiola Muñoz and Carlos León) created illustrations documenting art and architecture from names such as Sou Fujimoto, Peter Zumthor, Gordon Matta-Clark, and more. Every drawing was subsequently shared on their Instagram page.

"We started with a list, brainstorming names of architects or buildings, but it only lasted a couple of days, after that it was very impulsive," explained the artists, to Dezeen. "There was no calendar, and no obligation to illustrate certain architects considered 'the masters'. We decided to be as free as possible and sometimes the style changes a bit, depending on the illustration."

They allotted themselves 45 minutes each day to create these illustrations. Read the full story about this project on Dezeen.

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