When backpacking across Europe, it takes a necessary amount of brain power to be okay with the sometimes dismal statuses of the hostels you choose to stay in. Luckily, this communal space can also provide a sympathy for one another and pave the way for new friends. Making up for this lack of coziness, the Backstay Hotel in Ghent, with the help of designers Nele Van Damme & Yannick Baeyens, have designed a bright and friendly space so everyone in the space can be friends without letting the uncomfortable trunk beds get the best of you. For Design Milk’s monthly Destination Design, where they choose to showcase international destinations for their designs, they chose the Belgium-based hostel with a colorful past: the building originally was the work environment for a retired newspaper, dating back to 1930. It is now protected as an Art Deco monument, and opened up as a hostel in 2014. Read More