These seven houses that were constructed in or near forests were designed to complement the natural environments that surround them. Each house embraces a different aesthetic, but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they'd be perfect for a holiday getaway.

Adrien Williams

House on Lac Grenier by Paul Bernier Architecte
Quebec, Canada

John J. Macaulay

Linear Cabin by Johnsen Schmaling Architects
St. Germain, Wisconsin

John Horner

Grow Box by Merge Architects
Lexington, Massachusetts

Iwan Baan

Ex of In House by Steven Holl Architect
Rhinebeck, New York

Julia Heine / McInturff Architects

21st Century Cabin

by McInturff Architects
Highland, Maryland


Valley Villa by Arches
Vilnius, Lithuania

DIN Projects

Pole House by Allan Coppinger and DIN Projects
Manitoba, Canada