Washington,  D.C.-based artist Ben Tolman grew up in the suburbs of Wheaton, Maryland—or about 30 minutes outside of the nation’s capital. He doesn’t hate them. But his recent project helped with whatever grievances he may have had. For six months he drew a monumental illustration of his hometown. Titled Suburbs, the six-by-four piece consisted of a five day a week, 14 hours a day, work habit consisting of only ink and paper. And while it seems like he just needed to focus incredibly hard to complete it, it actually came out of a very difficult time in his life.

"That [drawing] came out of my dad dying, and my mom moving back to where she grew up. They sold the house I grew up in," Tolman says. "That got me thinking about my experience growing up."

His show, “Ben Tolman: Civilized,” depicts the artist’s drawings, and a sculpture, which will be held at D.C.’s Flashpoint Gallery. Read More