Architect Howard Elkus of local–based Elkus Manfredi Architects dramatically changed the Boston Skyline. His first project, the Copley Place complex—a mixed-use retail center—is remembered with the architect's passing on April 1. He spent his 50-year career designing buildings and other mixed-use projects across the world, from New York City to Abu Dhabi. However, he paid more attention to the potential he saw in Boston—the place where he first acknowledged his calling for a career in architecture. “He not only changed and created cityscapes, he changed and created neighborhoods in which diverse people are able to live, work, and play," said M. Lee Pelton, president of Emerson College. Elkus notably transformed the downtown corridor of the Emerson College in Boston into a student hub, overlooking the Public Garden. In addition to his monumental work, Elkus is remembered for his artistry and handwriting. He required a team to transform his ideas into renderings because his sketched were so detailed. “Howard’s sketches and renderings and artwork were unique among his peers,” said Kenneth Himmel, partner in charge of the Copley Place project. Read more about the architect's life and career at The Boston Globe.

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