Young people growing up in upstate New York are abandoning their home towns at an alarming rate, leaving the cities with diminishing populations and resources, Jeff Byles writes in The Architect’s Newspaper. The ‘‘bright flight’’ of young adults, he says, is causing a downslide in the upstate, turning the once-bustling industrial towns of the past into the ghost towns of the future. But New York architect Meta Brunzema may have a plan radical enough to save the places along the Hudson River and Erie Canal from slipping further into an ‘‘epic funk.’’ The effort, titled Building Exhibition Hudson Valley/Erie Canal, would start in 2014 and take a decade to complete. “Still in its early stages of development, the project aspires to create prototype projects across the region’s second-tier cities, harnessing the power of architecture and urban design to help re-energize society,” Byles writes.

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