Barbie's Dreamhouse, set in Malibu.
Courtesy of Mattel, Inc. via Trulia. Barbie's Dreamhouse, set in Malibu.

Hugh Pratt gets to build the one and only house by Frank Lloyd Wright in Britain, using 1940s plans for a California structure. [Daily Mail; The Guardian]

Reading List—The Telegraph's Keith Miller reviews a recent book, "Sex & Buildings: Modern Architecture and the Sexual Revolution." Miller writes, "A dour theoretical tract hiding, I assumed, behind a thigh-flashing title; an assault on my innocent right to take pleasure in my environment, a bucketful of jargon. I was surprised. It's all those things (to some extent) but in this case, the tutorial is interwoven with personal reflections and recollections that make the project more coherent, as well as more humane." [The Telegraph]

The American Institute of Architects Chicago recently awarded Stanley Tigerman, FAIA, their lifetime achievement award. His thoughts, as reported by Chicago Grid: "I'm sure it wasn't easy for them. To swallow hard and say, 'OK, let's give this son of a bitch a lifetime achievement award.' And I'm very appreciative of it," he says. "That doesn't mean I'm going to stop challenging them, for sure."

San Francisco's Presidio Trust released proposals for a new cultural building. One writer at San Francisco says George Lucas's proposal is the best, but it still may not win out. [San Francisco]

Barbie's house this year got a major remodel. IRL, the 8,500 square foot, 1-bedroom house would be worth $25 million, according to real-estate website Trulia, which lists the property. The Chicago Tribune explains how far she's come from her 1962 house. [The Chicago Tribune]

Image from Trulia's listing, courtesy of Mattel, Inc.

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