Dai Sugano

Mac Booked Pro—The city council of Cupertino, Calif., approved the Foster + Partners plan for the new bagel-shaped Apple headquarters, slated to be completed in 2016. [Dezeen]

Bridge to Nowhere—There's a dark side to San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge: It's "among the most popular suicide sites on Earth." Liza Gross writes in Slate, "Media outlets rarely report on bridge suicides anymore, which in most ways is a good thing. ... But in avoiding stories about those who jump, we make it easier to stigmatize the people who have lost their way, to marginalize the suffering that leads them to desperate acts." So why not build suicide barriers on the GGB, she asks? [Slate]

Economist and newly-awarded Nobel prize winner Robert Shiller believes that buying a house is not a good idea, economically-speaking. [The Atlantic Cities]

David Adjaye earns another writeup for his new furniture line for Knoll. [Wired]

Blake Gopnik on artist Amie Siegel, whose recent show traces the original Le Corbusier furniture from Chandigarh to the penthouses of the West. [The Daily Beast]

Take a look at Digital Dumbo's new Outpost space, designed by Volvox Labs. [How Design]

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