The next mayor's NYC—New Yorkers today vote in a primary election for the city's next mayor. Review The New York Timesdiscussion on livability issues the major should focus on.

Are we overthinking LACMA?—In the ongoing debate over Peter Zumthor's proposal for LACMA, L.A. Times art critic Christopher Knight offers a new argument: building a great space for art doesn't have to be hard. He writes, "Frankly, we spend too much time fretting about art museum buildings. In the end, museum architecture just doesn't matter much to me — except insofar as I enjoy architecture of any kind." [L.A. Times]

Peter Zumthor's models of his LACMA design.
Museum Associates/LACMA Peter Zumthor's models of his LACMA design.

Gun mailbox— A man in New Jersey built himself a 350-pound Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum-shaped mailbox. [New York magazine]

Floating houses—Brooklyn's Dean Monogenis paints buildings without regard to real-world construction constraints like gravity. [Wired]

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