Three distinct building proposals are in the running for the last undeveloped land in downtown West Palm Beach, Fla. The most notable is developer High Point Group's West Palm Beach Observatory, which at 1,550 feet would be the fourth tallest building in the United States, including the proposed Freedom Tower and Chicago Spire. (The Sears Tower is the only existing building that surpasses it—and only if one includes the antenna.)

A curving glass enclosure with a spire reaching 495 feet high is the Palm Beach Financial Center LLC Group's bid. The third proposal, from Crocker Partners, is for a more traditional mixed-use tower. All three buildings include a hotel, office, and retail space.

High Point Group founder Luis D'Agostino says of his proposed tower, “We have to do something spectacular here.”

The next public meeting to discuss the proposals is scheduled for later this month.

“We can't complain about not having a choice,” says Peter Robbins, spokesperson for the city. “We have three very unique projects that certainly will be investigated as to all their pros and cons.”

Robbins says a final decision will likely not be made for at least six months.