A conceptual Qatar World Cup Memorial tower by 1Week1Project was recently designed to represent the grim statistics of the city’s increasing laborer death toll, which currently stands at over 180 since the beginning of this year. Despite ongoing reports of migrant abuse fueled by Amnesty International, Qatar continues to prepare for the 2022 FIFA World Cup with Nepalese and Indian laborer deaths steadily multiplying during construction of the event’s venues.

The tower, constructed of stacked concrete modules, seeks to raise awareness of the hundreds workers that have died. Each of the building’s concrete blocks represent a deceased worker.

If labor conditions do not improve and the number of deaths increase, the height of the Jenga-like tower will concurrently rise. Current projected numbers suggest that the number of deaths could reach 4,000 by the 2022 tournament, which would boost the Qatar World Cup Memorial to heights of 1.5 kilometers (approximately a mile).

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has seen other architectural controversies arise, such as a critique on Zaha Hadid’s planned stadium for the event, which was mentioned alongside worker casualties despite not having yet begun construction. Follow the link for more on that story.