Located in the 10-acre Dallas Arts District, this $354 million, 80,300-square-foot building quite literally turns traditional theater typology on its side, placing back- and front-of-house functions above and below the glass-walled 575-seat auditorium. Flexible seating allows for easy transitions between proscenium, thrust, traverse, and flat-floor configurations.

Jury: “This building completely rechoreographed the way in which one experiences a theater.”

Client: “Our investment has already paid off in spades. Interest in attending a performance in this innovative space has soared. Performers are delighted (an understatement—they are practically giddy) to be able to conceive of so many ways to do a performance, and audiences love the surprise of never knowing what they are going to see.”  —Deedie Rose, founding member of the board of directors of the AT&T Performing Arts Center