The new academic home for NCAA athletes at the University of Oregon is sited at a busy intersection, creating a highly visible entryway to the school. A façade composed of two glass walls with an interstitial stainless steel screen manages views and aids in temperature control. Diffused natural light and wood surfaces create a warm glow inside.

Jury: “Beautifully detailed throughout. Remarkable introduction of color and management of natural light. The atmosphere is comfortable yet stimulating, with furnishings that are highly functional yet inviting and uniquely designed.”

Client: “For us, return on investment in this building means our ability to recruit the best athletes. When you bring a parent into this building for the first time, their mouth drops open and they are floored by the amount of detail. From the stairwells to the garbage cans, every piece was thought about.”  —Stephen Stolp, executive director, Jaqua Center