What would you do if you thought you saw a ghost in your office building? In a newly completed New York City office, that’s the norm. When people stroll down the hallways made of translucent white fabric, it’s easy to mistake a co-worker’s silhouette for an apparition.

The production company’s office, designed by Brooklyn-based architects SO-IL, is part of the new wave of collaborative office design that is slowly sweeping through company culture.  To create an open work environment, SO-IL designed flexible workspaces with few furnishings, which is possible in this office where many workers join the team as consultants working on a per-project basis.

The idea was to build a dynamic setting “creating layers of transparency and completely shared workspaces.” Large glass walls, wrap-around desks, PVC lighting, and sound-isolated suites, are all features that lend to fostering creativity and collaboration in the office. And the white and gray tones, which are also meant to inspire ideas, create the perfect backdrop for Casper to roam the halls. 

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