Glass panels
Mike Sinclair Glass panels
The four overpasses of Pedestrian Strands
Mike Sinclair The four overpasses of Pedestrian Strands

 A collaboration with artist James Woodfill, Pedestrian Strands is a permanent installation on four bridges over I-670 that connect downtown Kansas City, Mo., to the Crossroads neighborhood. Glass panels printed with abstracted photographs of surrounding architecture are mounted on a metal support frame—designed and fabricated by El Dorado—and are lit at night by integral strips of LEDs. As pedestrians walk across each bridge, the muffling quality of the glass, alternated with the open spaces between each panel, transforms the din of traffic from the highway below into a rhythm of sounds. Layered expanses of a fine-weave chain link fence serve as the backdrop, and the juxtaposition of car headlights, highway signage, and noise interacts with the glass panels to create a vivid urban fabric.

Project Pedestrian Strands Client City of Kansas City, Mo., Department of Public Works Benefactor Gary Dickinson Family Foundation Architect El Dorado—David Dowell (principal in charge); Josh Shelton (principal); Chris Burke (fabrication and design support) Artist Jim Woodfill Structural Engineer Genesis Structures M/E/P Engineer Lankford + Associates Steel Fabrication/Installation El Dorado Installation Collins and Hermann (steel); Carter Glass (glass) Electrician Westhues Electrical LED LightWild Size 1,200 linear feet Cost $835,000 Completion 2008