Andrew G. Truxal Library in Arnold, Maryland by EwingCole.
Courtesy EwingCole Andrew G. Truxal Library in Arnold, Maryland by EwingCole.

In order to re-establish its campus prominence and accommodate student growth, EwingCole led the transformation of this library, originally constructed in 1968, into a 21st-Century Learning Center, offering new technologies and incorporating current trends in library design and function. The new program places less emphasis on warehousing the college’s print collection and more on technology innovation, study options, and accessibility of information. The 43,000-square-foot original library was completely reconfigured, with an addition of 32,000 square feet. Immediately adjacent to the college’s entrance drive, the iconic glass façade of the new addition symbolizes modern technology and represents the updated image of the Library / Learning Center, seen first by people visiting the campus.

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