The idea of building a new bus station in Osijek was hatched in 2007, when the city of Osijek published an invitation to compete for the construction of a new bus station in Osijek on the principle of public-private partnerships. The competition brief required high quality architectural, and an economically best solution, in terms of construction cost, maintenance and usage. We, the renowned Croatian architect's office Rechner Ltd. from Osijek, were hired by one of the greatest Croatian construction companies “Osijek Koteks Inc.” from Osijek, and together we won the commission.

A slightly wavy dominant roof surface substantially shelters Bus terminal building on all sides, especially over the bus platform and the access of the square, which gives the association of a pleasant bus ride, like sailing on low and long waves. An underground public garage beneath the entire building and the external platform has a capacity for 251 vehicles. It is directly associated with the contents of the bus station building, and pedestrian access is also possible from outside, through the access square. Transportation to the garage is separated from bus traffic.

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