Starting tomorrow, the Northwest Film Forum (NWFF) will host the annual ByDesign film festival in Seattle. NWFF will present films and events that focus on the relationship between design, human lives, and the natural environment. The festival will debut with the premiere of Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, a documentary about Jane Jacob’s fight against city planner Robert Moss during the 1950s in New York, which ultimately shaped her 1961 book, The Dearth and Life of Great American Cities. On Saturday, the festival will show Having a Cigarette with Alvaro Siza, a meditative film about Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza’s thoughts about the future of architecture. Additionally, Graphic Means: A History of Graphic Design Production will make its debut at the festival. The festival will end with a panel discussion about the increased use of animation in design. Read the full article at Curbed Seattle.

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