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If you haven't been following the play-by-play, here's the gist. Donald Trump is installing 20-foot-tall letters that spell out his name on the side of his Chicago tower, designed by Adrian Smith, FAIA. Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin doesn't like them, and has said so several times. Last week, Trump described Kamin on Twitter as a "third rate architecture critic" and "dopey," and also said that he thought he got fired. (Kamin was not fired, won a Pulitzer, and was a Harvard Nieman fellow.) Trump repeated these sentiments on a Today show broadcast Friday, which the show then corrected on another broadcast Monday.

On Tuesday's The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart dubbed the controversy "Signfeud." The segment included a clip from a CBS This Morning broadcast, in which Kamin says "a wart is putting it politely, I think."

Stewart responds, "Well, I'm glad you are putting it politely, because now—Chicago architecture critic just doing your job—you have entered the Trumpagon."

Watch the segment below.

*Update: Kamin pointed out that the building the show used for the "large Trump sign" joke is not the Chicago tower.