Founded in the spring of 2008 by a pair of San Francisco entrepreneurs with a passion for clean technology, efficient resource usage, and sustainable construction and transportation, CleanTechies offers news links, a growing blog roster of industry experts, a calendar of events, and a job board. The "about" page says the company's vision is "to become the world's leading portal ... for the CleanTech space." It's made an admirable start: Although it's less than a year old, the site's blog section took second place in the 2008 Weblog Awards for "Best Business Blog."
Did you know that the computer mouse was first shown to the public?by its inventor, Stanford Research Institute scientist Douglas Engelbart?in December 1968? PC World looks back at four decades in the evolution of the now-ubiquitous digital tool.
A two-year-old annual created by British students, Post views architecture as an ongoing process that engages everyone from the designer to the contractor to the inhabitant. Download the first two issues?"(Anti) Social Housing" and "Shrinking Cities"?or read them online. The editors are now accepting submissions for the third issue, the theme of which is "Rural and Regional architecture."
Humorist P.J. O'Rourke visits Disneyland's new House of the Future, which opened last June, and finds "The Innoventions Dream Home" (as Disney unfortunately calls it) a bit underwhelming. From the December 2008 issue of The Atlantic .
This NASA webpage offers a wealth of information about the possibility of humans living in orbiting settlements and elsewhere in the solar system. Especially groovy are the images of space colony art created in the 1970s by the agency's Ames Research Center.