Japanese firm Daiwa Lease brings its self-contained mobile emergency housing unit, EDV-01, to Los Angeles for Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City, a five-day event melding current Japanese design and technology with Los Angeles trends in an effort to explore disaster preparedness and daily life amid emergency situations. At six meters long and two meters wide and high, the disaster-ready stainless steel container showcases functional, sustainable design. Although the unit has yet to be implemented in disaster areas, it has the ability to shelter two adults for one month. The solar-powered unit collects 5.28 gallons of potable water daily and includes a heat-induction cooking system, a shower, and a bio-toilet. The flip of a switch lets the container’s hydraulic pump self-erect a second story in fewer than five minutes, revealing foldaway beds and an office space. The container’s punched metal walls feature light-emitting diodes, making it visible from a distance, while four hydraulic feet provide stability on rough terrain. The container does not generate waste during installation or dismantling. July 13–17 • ltdesignweek.com