You’ve finally secured a tee time at the East Potomac Golf Course only to be hit with a heat wave. Should you risk having a Raiders of the Lost Ark–style hand imprint from a scalding putter head, or just take your short game indoors? Just in time to answer that question comes an exhibit at the National Building Museum for which local designers have created custom mini-golf holes. Challenges include trying to escape a hole in the form of an ovoid labyrinth dubbed Daedalus’ Journey (Virginia Tech with Atelier U:W), putting through a scale model (Studios Architecture with Olin), and navigating a forest of oversized helium balloons (JBG Companies with Landscape Architecture Bureau). Rest assured that in the air-conditioned gallery, the only scarring you’ll endure will be the deep-searing shame of being bested by a five-year-old. Open during museum hours, through September 3. •