0910_AR_Culture_aschheim_03(300)Artist Deborah Aschheim is obsessed with memory, so it’s little wonder that a show of her drawings and sculptures of postwar Modernist architecture, now at the Los Angeles gallery Edward Cella Art+Architecture, is called Nostalgia for the Future. Most of the artwork focuses on iconic buildings in the City of Angels, where Aschheim lives and works, but well-known designs from other metropolises make appearances as well. Tent of Tomorrow (We Rode the Subway All the Way to Flushing Corona Meadows) offers a rare pop of color in the mostly black-and-white exhibit. Although the bright glass pieces in the canopy of the 1964–65 New York World’s Fair pavilion were discarded long ago, Aschheim puts them back, reinvigorating the moldering structure with the promise of progress it once represented. Through Oct. 23. www.edwardcella.com