Courtesy Aedes

It’s perhaps fitting that the traveling BMW Guggenheim Lab, designed by Atelier Bow-Wow, should at some point house an exhibit of Atelier Bow-Wow’s other works. After all, the quirky Japanese firm often delights in small-scale experiments, such as its White Limousine Yatai—a stretched version of a local food cart. But Public Space by Atelier Bow-Wow, Tokyo: In the State of Spatial Practice is actually a larger-scale meta-installation in Berlin that features three of the firm's public-space projects within and including the pop-up Guggenheim Lab itself. (The carbon-fiber structure of the lab allows for easy transportation: It has already has moved from New York to Berlin, with plans to head to India.) The other two projects presented are Kitamoto KAO Project, a new outdoor plaza where vegetables and crafts replace asphalt, and Miyashita Park, shown, in which a parking-garage rooftop becomes a recreational zone with skateboard obstacles and a climbing wall. Through July 5. •

Here's a video of the founders of Atelier Bow-Wow, Momoyo Kaijima and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist at the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale: