Spillmann Echsle Architekten

A new exhibit, RE-CYCLE: Strategies for Architecture, City, and Planet, at the MAXXI in Rome won’t discuss trash or aim to prove recycling’s ethical or ecological importance. Instead, it demonstrates how deeply rooted the idea of recycling is in creative art and design. The exhibit features a model of Manhattan’s High Line, which offered a first look at the abandoned railroad reinterpreted as a trail of site-specific urban microclimates. A photo depicts Switzerland’s Freitag Flagship (shown), a shop made from containers for the company that sells bags made from tarps. And the display “Music on Bones” is a lesson in the resilience of art and rebellion: Dissidents in the Soviet Union pressed records of Jimi Hendrix and other Western rock stars onto X-ray plates of fractured skulls, spinal cords, and tibias to create phonographic recordings of forbidden music. Through April 29. • fondazionemaxxi.it