The Golden Gate Bridge has been getting all the attention recently since it celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. But soon the spotlight may shift to the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge—literally.

A new public art project called The Bay Lights will illuminate the Bay Bridge starting in late 2012 or early 2013, if the project’s organizers can raise another $3 million. With $5 million already committed to the LED light display designed by artist Leo Villareal, many city officials and business owners are hopeful that they’ll be able to flip the switch on the project. If they can get the lights to go on, the city is expected to rake in approximately $100 million in added tourism revenue.

But there isn’t much time left to raise the remaining funds, Wade Roush reports on “[T]he state agency that controls the Bay Bridge wants the organization to show it has $7 million in the bank before construction begins in July.” If the cash isn’t there by July 1, he says, the project doesn’t happen. The Bay Lights organizers partnered with other investors to create the social-media-driven Tech Challenge, in the hopes that the project’s technological side will appeal to the area’s tech-savvy community.

Watch an artist’s rendering of the art project in this video.