Moby has a blog—a blog about architecture.

The musician, known for championing causes such as veganism and animal rights, is also apparently quite the fan of architecture. Los Angeles architecture, specifically. He captures architectural images from around the city and posts them to his blog—and actually, some of his shots are quite good.

He calls himself an amateur photographer and he takes rather captivating pictures of subjects ranging from black and white close-ups of industrial-style storage facilities to vibrant portraits of colonial era houses. He is in pursuit of “the hidden and the strange in LA architecture,” Adrian Glick Kudler writes on Curbed LA.

Recently, in talking to two outlets about his blogging endeavors—Tumblr and 1883 Magazine—Moby referred to himself as a “house stalker.” His ties to photography and architecture stem from the influence of his uncle who was a photographer for The New York Times, he says, and from growing up poor in a rich neighborhood.

The DJ, obviously far from poor these days, still enjoys taking in random California castles and iconic Frank Lloyd Wright houses as he strolls through the city. Check out what he thinks about the buildings on his blog, where he signs off with a polite “thanks, Moby.”