Throughout the month of June, more than 200 events will take place throughout the United Kingdom's capital as a part of the annual London Festival of Architecture (LFA.) This year's theme of "community" will explore social engagement, housing renewal and regeneration, and the designer's role in creating successful communities through a vast selection of exhibitions, installations, talks, and debates. Below, we've listed a selection of events that promise to be enticing:

Designing for Three Communities - Hosted by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) - June 14

A panel of three architects and an urban planner from “Crossrail"—the massive infrastructure project that will provide London's commuters with ten new rail stations—will discuss the design of the forthcoming “Elizabeth" transit line. "The public spaces and commercial developments are being designed at the same time [as the transit route] to help seamlessly knit the new railway into its surroundings,” according to event details on the London Architecture Diary’s website. The Crossrail team also promises 30 station upgrades and 42 kilometers (26 miles) of tunnels in addition to a range of commercial development and public art by the project's completion in 2020.

Read more about the event here.

"Man About" - Hosted by Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst - June 13-14

Australian entertainers Tim Ross and Kit Warhurst present the British premiere of their "Man About..." stand-up comedy series performed at Hungarian-born architect Ernő Goldfinger's Modernist 1939 residence at 2 Willow Road, which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its opening to the public this year. Design faces the music in this rendition of "Man About," which for the past four years has seen the comedy duo turn homes of architectural significance around the world into temporary performance venues.

Tickets for "Man About" are limited. Register here.

90 Years of British Architecture - Hosted by The City Centre - June 15

London Festival of Architecture

The City Centre, in London, is celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, which was on April 21st, by organizing a panel discussion of London architecture built during her lifetime. Each participant will cover a different time period, including pre-war historical buildings, post-war designs, post-modernism, and the birth of the modern skyscraper. The panel includes: Kenneth Powell, author of the New London Architecture series; Rory Olcayto, chief executive of the London-based nonprofit architecture education organization Open-City; Owen Hopkins, architecture program curator of the London-based, Royal Academy of Arts; and Elain Harwood, the chief post-war buildings investigator for the government service Historic England. The event will be chaired by Country Life magazine architecture editor John Goodhall.

More details about this event are available here.

RIBA Open Studio Event - Hosted by RIBA - June 16-26

London Festival of Architecture

RIBA London has organized an ongoing event as part of LFA in which various architecture firms will be opening their studios to the public. There will be opportunities to meet and hear from the staffs and view current plans for projects. The tours take place throughout the city, with participants including TateHindle, DA Studios, MOCT Studio, and DK-CM.

For more information, check out the RIBA London event site.

British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) Annual Conference 2016 - Hosted by BIID - June 16

The annual, daylong event launched in 2012 dedicated to reflecting on various themes of identity in interior design as well as unraveling current issues affecting the industry. The conference isn't limited to examining the role of the designer, however. It also seeks to understand the client and the interaction between individuals and a space. This year's iteration will feature sessions covering the design of spaces such as hospitals, as well as branding, networking, and designing with mental health in mind.

To register for the event or receive more information, click here.

"At Home in Britain: Designing the House of Tomorrow" - Hosted by RIBA - May 18 to August 29

This exhibition uses the history of three residential types—the cottage, the terraced house, and the flat—as means of discussing the future of housing in Britain. Six firms will present their 21st-century takes on these structures in newly commissioned projects. The summer-long exhibition coincides with a three-part television series on BBC4 presented by art historian Dan Cruickshank.

More details about this event are available here.