"Just as the design of an airplane fuselage is dictated by aerodynanimcs and internal requirements, so the molded surfaces of this apartment were developed," wrote Krueck + Sexton of a 1988 apartment project, Untitled 2. Clearly, the only way to outfit such a space-age space, where light's reflection on surfaces is the art, is to design the furnishings in house. The Chicago firm used its Chicago Chairs and RK Chaise in the rooms. They're an appropriate match, with their mirrored stainless steel and brass, metallic golden-bronze leather, and velour leather. Only 11 of the chairs were produced and used in only three commissions. On Dec. 13, two chairs and one chaise are up for auction in Chicago. Auction house Wright estimates both the Chicago Chairs and the RK Chaise at $20,000–$30,000.• wright20.com