Hellen Shiller via City Lab

A new documentary explores the deconstruction of the Cabrini Green high-rise public housing project, in Chicago, over a period of 20 years. CityLab spoke with the documentary’s creator, Ronit Bezalel, about the project and the theme of displacement that characterizes the housing project’s legacy. “I went into the film with a clear agenda that tearing down homes was bad. I still feel that way, but I evolved as a person and filmmaker to see the shades of grey,” Bezalel told CityLab. “It is complicated. Was it really horrific? Sure. Was it wonderful? Yeah. Should they tear down the buildings? No. I think I got a lot more real and willing to engage with the issues on a more serious level, to the point that I realized I don’t have the answers. I’m certainly not a developer, designer, or any of that. I’m more of just a storyteller.”

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