Architecture's all-or-nothing affair with technology ended badly in the 1970s, when the promise of modernism began to smell like a threat. It's a shame, because despite the fact that counseling was in order—Brutalism, anyone?—architecture and technology can make good bedfellows. After witnessing a series of fitful attempts at reconciliation, we at ARCHITECT have decided to help move things along by launching the R+D Awards.

A sort of dating service for architectural technophiles, the R+D Awards are open not only to architects, but also to engineers, industrial designers, building product manufacturers, and the like—based on the simple premise that these groups have plenty in common, despite the fact that they don't often socialize. We're open to all kinds of submissions, from one-off design details to entire product lines. This being the program's first year, we're casting the net as widely as possible to see what emerges.

Architect Eric Owen Moss, the director of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles, will chair an independent jury tasked with choosing the best entries of all types. In September, ARCHITECT will publish the winners, both in print and online. What's more, SCI-Arc is hosting a summit in October, at which the winners will present their ideas in person.

Join us by making a submission, reading about the winners, or attending the summit. You might just discover your perfect match.

Ned Cramer
Editor in Chief