The Biophilic Cities Project, a network at the University of Virginia School of Architecture, kicked off their Spring Webinar Series with a presentation from Bill Browning, the founder of Terrapin Bright Green.

Browning's presentation highlighted how harnessing the principles of biophilic design can improve the environmental and economic performance of a space, as well as improving quality of life for clients.

Here are seven basic fundamentals from Terrapin that provide a background for their work:

  1. Biophilic design creates healthy, happy work environments
  2. Biophilia is not just about plants.
  3. Light is part of our rhythm.
  4. Our minds and bodies appreciate the presence of water.
  5. We can feel nature in the air.
  6. Appealing to multiple senses makes more sense.
  7. Faking nature has some payback too.

Katie Gloede expounds on these seven principles and on Brownings presentation in her coverage of the seminar on Ecobuilding Pulse. Read More