Kidd Radi

National Geographic Channel recently featured San Diego, Calif., in its documentary series “World’s Smart Cities.” ​Actually, it was the only U.S. city to do so. It’s no wonder the city made the list, given its smart urban planning, strong technology sector, growing economy, and rising population

Robbie Polley

San Diego History Center

 A new exhibition, opening this Saturday free to the public, examines how San Diego is accommodating its growth. It will be held in the formerly derelict Paladion Mall, which the exhibition’s sponsor, Canadian real estate company Bosa Development, transformed into a gallery space. “Rethink Downtown: Behind San Diego’s Skyline” will feature videos, scale models, photographs, historic maps, and displays, along with a lecture series illustrating how the use of urban planning and design has shaped the city’s culture, economy, and tourism. Curated by Canadian critic, architectural historian, and urban designer Trevor Boddy, it will also include collaborations with San Diego State University School of Art and Design and NewSchool of Architecture + Design.

 The exhibition will run for several weeks—an end date has not yet been determined.