Courtesy Emtek

Mod Hex Pull, Emtek
Part of the company’s new Urban Modern Collection, this hexagonal prism cabinet pull is offered in sizes of 3.5”, 4”, 6”, and 8”, and is available in five finishes including polished nickel and satin brass (shown).

Courtesy Marion Cage

Elongated Shard Pull #2, Marion Cage
The Louisiana-based jewelry designer and architect pays homage to Zaha Hadid with this 7.48” long jagged, hand-cast fixture, manufactured in brass (shown) or bronze.

Courtesy Nanz

No. 8987RAM, Nanz
This hexagonal fixture by New York-based hardware company Nanz measures 1.06”, and comes in 28 finishes including polished chrome, dark pewter, and polished brass (shown).

Courtesy Alice Tacheny

Tilde Pull, Alice Tacheny
A minimalist’s dream pull, this rectangular 5”-long fixture, in brass (shown) or blackened bronze, is designed to sit snugly into the edge of a drawer front.

Courtesy Schaub and Company

Lumiere T-Knob, Schaub and Company
This contemporary cabinet t-knob juxtaposes hard metal with clear acrylic. Measuring 2” in diameter, the fixture is available in five finishes.