The entrance to the museum.
Todd Eberle The entrance to the museum.

Fondation Louis Vuitton, designed by Frank Gehry, FAIA, opened to the public today in Paris. There has been coverage aplenty; Joseph Giovannini interviewed Gehry for ARCHITECT's October issue. Here's what some of the other critics had to say.

Rowan Moore: "Everything that is good about the Fondation could have been achieved, and better, without the sails." [The Guardian]

Alex Bozikovic: "The Fondation building, whose gestation began over a decade ago, feels a bit like a time capsule from the Age of the Starchitect." [The Globe and Mail]

Jay Merrick: "The Fondation's giddy geometry is hard to resist. It has created a building with no clear sense of inside and outside." [The Independent]

Oliver Wainwright: "For an architect often criticised for making 'logotecture,' this is one tricky logo to distill – as the tourist board sign-writers have already discovered." [The Guardian]

Christopher Hawthorne: "The museum is as ambitious as anything Gehry has ever produced but also, surprisingly, as refined." [Los Angeles Times]

Jonathan Glancey: "From a distance, the Fondation is remarkably discreet: close up, it is all architectural adventure." [The Telegraph]

Read ARCHITECT's October feature on Fondation Louis Vuitton online or in the October 2014 Digital Edition.