Aaron Hargreaves Maggie's at the Christine, designed by Foster + Partners

Maggie's Centres, a charity located in Glasgow, Scotland ​providing free support to cancer patients and their families, celebrated the start of construction today on its new center in Manchester, England. Built within the grounds of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, it will be the organization's largest center to date, and expectsst 60,000 people each year.

Designed by Lord Norman Foster, Hon. FAIA, co-founder of Foster + Partners, the center will feature a timber frame onto which vines will grow, providing an extension for the surrounding garden to blend into the architectural centerpiece​. At the ceremony, Laura Lee,  Maggie’s chief executive officer, and Roger Spencer, chief executive at The Christie​, unveiled a 20 foot-tall timber frame. A time capsule containing mementos from donors and supporters was also buried at the site. 

Nigel Young