Courtesy Wired/Herman Miller

Since its 1994 launch, Herman Miller's Aeron chair has become a classic not only for its aesthetically innovative spin on the traditional office chair, but also because of its ergonomic qualities. This year, the company has further improved their design. Because the designers did not want to lose the chairs iconic look, they made minimal changes to its appearance, however have made ergonomic enhancements that make it even better for users. New features include, a new leaf spring made of glass-reinforced polystyrene resin that replaces the old rubber coil spring, and a tightened weave in the back frame of the chair that focuses on the lower back.

The new additions significantly better the already famous chair, however "For all the time and engineering that Herman Miller’s designers put into the new Aeron, they’d really rather you not notice it, at all." says Wired.

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