We often take for granted how valued good design is in today’s business world. And thanks to researchers who care, there’s proof to back it up. But it wasn’t always this way, and if it wasn’t for Paul Rand, who knows when people would have realized this. A new exhibit at the Museum of City of New York, “Everything is Design: The Work of Paul Rand,” details the six decades of work of this visionary graphic designer and modern branding guru. The show reveals his corporate communications for the likes of IBM, ABC, UPS, Westinghouse, Morningstar, and Steve Jobs’s NeXT, proving that he “convinced business that design was an effective tool,” as his colleague Lou Danziger puts it.

Want to know how he transformed designers from accessories to mainstays within the business world? Read on to Fast Company’s article to learn some lessons from the king of commercial artist and graphic designers. Read More