Whenever a new aiport terminal is on the boards for construction, they are always slated to be the biggest one yet. Even so, it's not like architects are going to sign up to build the smallest one. But what design considerations are taken into account when planning a humongous site so it doesn't feel like a monster? At 7.5 million square feet, Beijing's new airport by Zaha Hadid Architects will find out. To give you an idea of just how monumental this feat is, the singular space will take up the same amount of space as 131 football fields.

In collaboration with French airport designer ADPI, the starchitect needs to find out how to create a building that will comfortably accommodate 45 million passengers a year—and eventually 72 million when it's complete. For Hadid's designers, the answer lies in its structure: the shape of the airport, its roof, and how it's divided. Read More