Designed as part of a workshop at the Bergen School of Architecture led by Espen Folgerø of OPA Form Architects, the Tubakuba is a Scandinavian cottage with a front door that’s like crawling through a black hole.  And the name reflects its shape. Consisting of 150-square-feet, the tiny cabin looks like a cube with an access shaped like a tuba horn. The materials are mostly larch, but has undergone a 19th-century treating process named Shou Sugi Ban, which burns wood to help protect it from weather and decay. The entrance, however, is made of curved shavings of pine and skinned with untreated larch, turning gray with the passing of time.

"The entrance is shaped like the mouth of a tuba to experiment with wood as a material, to give children a place to play even if the hut is closed, and to force adults to crouch to get in, even if kids don't have to," Folgerø told Fast Company. Read More