In June, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) passed Resolution 07-8, which addresses the sequencing of the Intern Development Program (IDP) and the Architectural Registration Examination (ARE) and its effect on reciprocity. The resolution allows NCARB's 54 jurisdictions to determine for themselves when candidates can begin taking the exam, once the candidates have enrolled in the IDP by establishing an NCARB record.

Two amendments were made before the resolution passed. The first dropped a restriction from taking two parts of the ARE until after IDP completion. The second was the addition of language stating the council's intent that NCARB certification be the basis for reciprocal registration.

IDP/ARE timing and its effect on reciprocity had been under consideration since a 2005 NCARB conference, says Erica Brown, the group's director of architect registration. At that time, member board chairs said they felt the issue was impeding reciprocity between jurisdictions in which ARE/IDP scheduling is different. NCARB was asked to take an official position on the issue. The council's policy now, says Brown, is that once an architect is certified with NCARB, the IDP/ARE sequence should not affect reciprocity. NCARB jurisdictions, however, are not bound by the resolution.