Boston-based design firm Over,Under has launched Jaunt Pittsburgh, a mobile app that allows users to embark on an architectural tour of Pennsylvania's second-largest city, NEXTpittsburgh reports. The designers pulled from Carnegie Mellon University's Architecture Archives to create a selection of more than 105 classic and modern structures, which include the Eric Fisher-designed Emerald Art Glass House, Frank Lloyd Wright's infamous Fallingwater house, and the 16th Street Bridge, one of 446 bridges that make Pittsburgh the city with the most in the world.

The app also features a handful of unrealized projects, including Wright's vision for the Point Park Civic Center, now a state park. According to Jaunt's website, users choose from one of three navigational interfaces: a location-based project map, a pictographic grid, or a list that can be sorted by architect, location, or date of completion. Over,Under expects to release Jaunt Boston this summer followed by Jaunt Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

Read City Design Editor Maya Henry's full story on NEXTpittsburgh's website.

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