Jean Nouvel, Hon. FAIA
Credit: StoffeliX/Flickr via Creative Commons license Jean Nouvel, Hon. FAIA

Pritzker Prize–winning architect, Jean Nouvel, Hon. AIA, has applied for a court order to disassociate himself from the Philharmonie de Paris that he designed by removing all references of his name and image within the building, according to French publication Le Figaro. The founder of French architecture practice Ateliers Jean Nouvel says the building does not comply with his original design, which was conceived from a 2007 design contest, and wants a court mandate ordering to alter 26 different areas, including the parapets, foyers, façades, and the promenade within the Paris concert hall. As to whom will be carrying out the redesign has not yet been specified. The court hearing is supposed to take place on April 16, and Nouvel has requested his name also be removed from all associations related to the building in the meantime.

Back in January, Nouvel refused to show up to the opening and annual concert, saying that the building was not ready to be open to the public. The sporadic construction period, which lasted about seven years, was always a subject that the architect spoke up about and told French newspaper Le Monde that the architectural and technical requirements were not upheld, resulting in what he believed was an unfinished building.