Putting down suburbia can be easy, but living in a highly populated city can have its downfalls as well. And one of those, surprisingly enough, can be meeting people and interacting with your neighbors. Think about it. If you live in a high-rise building with a couple dozen floors, you don’t really wander onto other floors. Providing an alternative solution to this issue, Los Angeles-based architect Michael Maltzan created a housing development stretched over a quarter of a mile that is horizontally-minded rather than vertical, and is meant for single-family homes within compacted apartments. Dubbed One Sante Fe, it is located in Los Angeles’ formerly industrial arts district is supposed to be the longest residential structure in the world, according to the designers. The entire 500,000 square-foot site hosts 438 apartments that are squeezed into an impressive 60-foot-wide structure. The building is currently only half-leased, and the retail portion has yet to be fully open, so the success rate of this type of set up hasn’t been determined yet. Read More