Courtesy The Washington Post

The $1.4 billion MGM complex, described as a “destination resort,” in Prince George’s County's, Md., National Harbor, opens its doors to the public today. Dallas-based HKS Architects designed the 125,000-square-foot casino that is outfitted with, 15 dining areas, a spa, convention rooms, a 3,000-seat theater, and a shopping complex. Philip Kennicott, chief art and architecture critic at The Washington Post, says the new building, “looks like a cruise ship beached high on the banks of the Potomac, deposited there by some great flood of the river, like the Ark on Mount Ararat.” But according to James E. Beyer, senior vice president at MGM Resorts International, the resemblance to a cruise ship was an intentional aesthetic choice, made to encourage a luxurious feel.

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