This is cute: For an upcoming event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, the Italian creative ensemble CityVision has released a trailer of sorts, a short film starring actor Igor Petrotto and contemporary architecture. The film follows a poor besotted Petrotto, who is overwhelmed at the site of his love: architecture. It's all over for Petrotto at the sound of that familiar, twangy guitar arpeggio that opens Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On." The CityVision festival, which will take place at the museum on May 18–20, will feature London-based architect Robert Stuart-Smith as well as the release of the sixth issue of CityVision's magazine. (The museum's artist-in-residence, Luigi Presicce, supplied the covert art for the issue.) "My Masochism," the title for the festival, refers to finding love in a hard place—such as loving the field of architecture, or—perhaps—loving a concrete building.