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The S.C. Johnson Research Tower in 1969, 19 years after it opened.
Jack E. Boucher/Wikimedia Commons The S.C. Johnson Research Tower in 1969, 19 years after it opened.

Frank Lloyd Wright Tours: Yesterday, the S.C. Johnson Research Tower in Racine, Wisc. opened to the public after a year-long restoration. Wright fans should also check out the Chicago Tribune’s suggestions for tours of Wright’s many works in the Chicago area.

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Quote of the Day: "I have a career without sight. But as an architect, I still have vision," says blind architect Chris Downey. "The creative process is a mental process."

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6 More Stories for Friday:

Architect Louis Cherry, FAIA, and his wife Marsha Gordon obtained a building permit and began constructing their dream home in Raleigh, N.C., but disapproving neighbors could derail their plans to build a modernist house in the historic neighborhood full of Victorian homes. [Vanity Fair]

President of the Cultural Landscape Foundation Charles Birnbaum weighs in on the New York carriage horse debate. [Huffington Post]

Hildreth Meière: the forgotten Art Deco designer. [The Atlantic]

London architect John Simpson will design the new School of Architecture building for the University of Notre Dame. [University of Notre Dame]

Meet one of architecture's most well-known husband-and-wife teams, Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Hon. FAIA. [The Wall Street Journal]

Chicago-based McHugh Construction must pay a $12 million settlement for its involvement with businesses to illegally win government contracts. [Chicago Tribune]

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