The Google Barge
Courtesy Flickr user TugSailor The Google Barge

Google Docked: A state agency ordered Google to relocate its barge from a construction site on an island in the San Francisco Bay, claiming the company’s permits are not in order. This is the second time that Google's mystery float has been caught up in red tape; construction that was halted late in 2013 was scheduled to resume next month. [Associated Press]

So Much for Sochi: “People elsewhere in Sochi and surrounding villages have seen the quality of their life decline because of Olympic construction. In the village of Akhshtyr, residents complain about an illegal landfill operated by an Olympics contractor that has fouled the air and a stream that feeds the Sochi water supply. Waste from another illegal dump in the village of Loo has slid into a brook that flows into the already polluted Black Sea.” [Associated Press]

More News for Your Tuesday:

The AfE Tower in Frankfurt, Germany was demolished over the weekend. Here’s a video. [The Atlantic Cities]

Next City dubbed these libraries among the “Strangest Public Libraries in the World.” [Next City]

An Indianapolis baseball park was converted into 138 apartments. [Curbed]

The Franklin School, built in 1865, is a National Historic Landmark.
Courtesy Flickr user NCinDC The Franklin School, built in 1865, is a National Historic Landmark.

Washington, D.C.'s historic but dilapidated Franklin School will be converted into a museum called the Institute for Contemporary Expression. No architect on the job yet, but this will be a good one. [Washington City Paper]

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's affordable-housing plan faces significant regulatory hurdles. [The New York Observer]

A number of historic landmarks are up for sale or facing demolition due to funding cuts from the Obama administration. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Where poor people live in America today. [The New York Times]

CNN names the world’s ugliest monuments. [CNN]

The president of the National Civic Art Society weighs in once more on the debate over the Frank Gehry Eisenhower Memorial. [Roll Call]

Another iteration of the tiny-house sensation. [Curbed]

Photos used with permission via Creative Commons licenses with Flickr users TugSailor and NCinDC.

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