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Winner: "The Ark" by Pierre Grande.
Winner: "The Ark" by Pierre Grande.

Maker Faire announced the winner of their Maker Faire Design Challenge, judged by people from SketchUp, ShopBot, and Maker Faire. The task was to come up with an innovative temporary info booth for Maker Faire Bay Area in May. [Make:]

First runner-up: "medieval Maker Faire" by Michael B.
First runner-up: "medieval Maker Faire" by Michael B.

UCLA unveiled early renderings of their Football Performance Center, designed by ZGF Architects. The Center will be located next to the school's Spaulding Field, and will include offices for coaches and team meeting rooms, a locker room, equipment and video rooms, and an athletic training area as well as a facility for strength and conditioning.

UCLA Athletics/ZGF Architects

UCLA Athletics/ZGF Architects

UCLA Athletics/ZGF Architects

Quote of the Day: "Creating a new Dallas will require cooperation across political, economic and social boundaries. It will also require individual participation in smaller, 'tactical' projects and collective action on larger, infrastructural demands." —Mark Lamster, The Dallas Morning News

Number of the Day—50: It has been 50 years since Philip Johnson's New York State Pavilion opened for the World's Fair. There have been celebrations for everything from Andy Warhol's controversial mural to the architecture that resembled something out of The Jetsons. But not everyone has been celebrating, as Gizmodo published an article yesterday that connected Johnson with Nazi propaganda.

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Map of the Day: An estimated 1.6 million Americans live without indoor plumbing. The Washington Post created an interactive map of the houses lacking complete plumbing facilities. [The Washington Post]

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Happy birthday: John Russell Pope was born on this day in 1874. Pope was architect of the National Archives and Records Administration building, the Jefferson Memorial, and the West Building of the National Gallery of Art.

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#tbt: Here's a look back at the influence of two Spanish architects, Rafael Guastavino Moreno (Rafael Sr.) and Rafael Guastavino Esposito (Rafael Jr.), on New York's architecture. Known for their signature domes and vaults, the Guastavino Company built over 300 projects in the greater New York City area. [The New York Times]

Pulitzer Prize laureate Inga Saffron discusses the new proposal for Philadelphia’s new riverside development. []

Google is launching historical versions of their Street View feature, so you can now browse through what buildings and streets looked like a few years ago. [TechCrunch]

The Natural History Museum in London announced Niall McLaughlin Architects with Kim Wilkie as the winner of their competition to redesign the museum's grounds.

Frank Gehry, FAIA, is going to design a set for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. []

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Timothy Woerner is the new engineering specification writer for MasterSpec at ARCOM.

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