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New York mayor Bill de Blasio has an ambitious 10-year, $41 billion plan for affordable housing in the city. The mayor called the plan, which creates 80,000 new units of affordable housing and preserves 120,000 more, "a central pillar in the battle against inequality." [The New York Times]

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Number of the Day—1: As part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's five-year housing plan, the city of Chicago wants to sell vacant, city-owned lots in South Side for $1. [Chicago Tribune]

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The Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) announces the 2015 SAH International Travel Grant Program, which awards 12 to 15 fellowships to historians from countries that have traditionally been underrepresented at the SAH Annual Conference to attend the 2015 conference in Chicago. The goal of the program, funded by the Getty Foundation, is to bring scholars from backgrounds in international academics, museums, and heritage conservation to the SAH conference and to help them build upon their professional networks internationally. [Society of Architectural Historians]

Here’s a look at architecture, flipped upside-down: [The Atlantic]

Nashville architect Bruce Crabtree passed away at age 90. [The Tennessean]

A remembrance of landscape architect Dan Kiley: [The Atlantic Cities]

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